Sunday, October 10, 2010

Getting Crafty

While blog surfing I stumbled across a tutorial for a cute fall wreath. It inspired me to be a little crafty so I called Aimée (who is always crafty) and asked if she wanted to make wreaths with me. We went to Hobby Lobby and bought all our supplies and headed back to my house to make wreaths AND watch the Carolina/Alabama game.

Here is Aimée's excited crafting face!

It was a really simple process actually...

1. we cut the burlap into four strips
2. wrap two of the strips around your wreath
3. thread twine through one side of each of the remaining two strips then gather like a ruffle
4. hot glue into place

5. making flowers

The tricky part was making the flowers. You had to hold the poly-satin over a flame to melt the edges, which causes them to curl up. The flowers themselves weren't hard to make, you just had to be careful and not catch the materials on fire when your melted the edges.

Here is our safety cup of water...JUST in case. Aimée and I have been know to catch kitchens on fire.

6. sew buttons into the middle of the flowers to keep them together
7. hot glue to wreath

Hooray for being crafty!!!


  1. so cute and unique! how you could take your eyes off that game to get your craft on is what i can't understand! :) love how they both turned out.

  2. These are so awesome! Can't wait to buy the supplies and get busy making these cute wreaths!