Monday, April 30, 2012

Freedom of the Seas

This post really doesn't have a point other then just sharing pictures of us on various nights of the cruise.  Haha!  We did a lot of eating, watching shows, participating in game shows, listening to bands, dancing, walking around, and more eating.
Kristin as our team captain for the scavenger's hunt
Oops...her eyes are closed in this one!
Johnny Rockets=too much food!!
Getting better at taking pictures of ourselves!  haha

Friday, April 27, 2012

St. Thomas & St. Maarten

On Wednesday we spent the day at St. Thomas where we took a tour of the island, did some shopping, and had lunch at a hole-in-the-wall little place with excellent nachos.  The island of St. Thomas was so beautiful.  It was lush and tropical and really made you want to buy a condo and stay for a while.  Our tour bus was an open air bus so taking pictures was really easy.
Freedom of the Seas
Magen's Bay
Next we met some pirates on the Blackbeard's Castle tour.
Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of our day at St. Maarten on Thursday because I didn't bring my camera.  Josh and I went kayaking and snorkeling and we didn't know if there would have been a safe place to put our camera while we were adventuring.  There was a safe place however and it made me really sad the rest of the day knowing I couldn't document our travels.  There was one place I did not miss my camera at and it was the nude beach our taxi driver took us to!  He thought it was funny and while he was giving us a tour of the island he made a quick stop to watch us blush.  I will tell you that there was nobody under the age of 65 at that beach...didn't really make me want to join them.  Haha!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Coco Cay

Royal Caribbean owns an island that only their ships dock at called Coco Cay.  Our first port day was on Monday and it was at this island.  At first the weather was really dark and overcast, but as the day progressed the sun decided to come out and we could work on our tans...or as I like to on my sunburn.
 We spent pretty much the whole day on the beach, and we did eventually take out coverups off when it warmed up a little more.  Lunch was served on the island by the Royal Caribbean staff then it was back to our chairs.  Josh and Jeremy did take a catamaran out for a little sailing.  They had trouble at first because the wind wasn't working with them, but once they got out of the cove they said it was a lot of fun.
 I'm pretty sure I could live at the beach and just sit and read all day long!  Anyone know of a way I could get paid for a job like that??

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The start of Spring Break

Last year for spring break I hung around at our house...we were still doing a lot of repairs from the great flood so I spent the week painting trim and putting out house back together.  But this year...
 We went cruising!
The trip started out as an adventure before we even got to Florida!  After a quick stop in Savannah we hit the road and got a call from the Parks and Rawlins (riding in the Rawlin's Tahoe behind us) and they said the transmission in the Tahoe had gone out.  So, we found a transmission place where we could leave the car and pick it up the following Sunday.  Then the guys had to pick up a rental car for us to drive the rest of the way to Florida.
After we loaded up the MINI-VAN we were on the road again
 By the time we got to Port Canaveral it was almost dinner time so we ate then went to bed because we would have to be up early to catch the shuttle to the boat.  You should have seen the amount of luggage that eight people can carry for one week!  It was a little insane.  Haha.
Once we got on the Freedom of the Seas we had to find a place to camp out until they would let us into our rooms.  
 After we were finally able to drop off our carry-on luggage in our rooms we explored the ship. Rick and Mike found the gym and told us that's where we could find them all week.

Then we had to "muster" and practice what we would do if the ship was sinking.  They made sure we knew that our captain was not from Italy!  

Here's an interesting fact about our week...the last night we were on the boat was the 100 year anniversary of the Titanic sinking!  Good thing there were no icebergs in sight...hehe.  We had such a fun week with more posts to come...there's no way anyone would want to sit and look at all the pictures from our vacation in one sitting.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Food poisoning and InstaFriday

What a week this has been...
I'll save you from the gritty details, but early Tuesday morning J and I both woke up with food poisoning from chicken we cooked at our own house!  One of the most terrible parts was that we both had it so neither of us could help the other one.  My dad came over mid day and brought saltines, Gatorade, medicine and cooked us rice.  We both developed low-grade fevers which are hard to get rid of when you can't keep any Tylenol down.  By Wednesday J was feeling better enough that he needed to go into work, but I on the other hand didn't make it in until Thursday (which made my week a two day work week...haha).  I haven't had a huge appetite since then but today I woke up feeling so much better than I have all week.  I tell poisoning is NO JOKE!

On a much happier note...and since today is Friday I leave you with a couple of Instagram pictures...
 Just about packed and ready to head out because tomorrow we drive to Florida and on Sunday we board...
SPRING BREAK 2012 style!  
See ya in a week!