Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Red Balloon

When I was little I loved the story of The Red Balloon.  It was a short film by the French filmmaker, Albert Lamorisse.  The film was also made into a children's book that we would check out of the library countless times.  Most of the pictures were in black and white, but an occasional page would be in full color.  The story, as described by Wikipedia, has a music score but almost no dialogue and tells of Pascal, who, on his way to school one morning, discovers a large helium-filled red balloon.
As Pascal plays with his new found toy, he realizes the balloon has a mind and will of its own. It begins to follow him wherever he goes, at times floating outside his bedroom window as Pascal's mother will not allow it in their apartment.
The red balloon follows Pascal through the streets of Paris, and the pair draw inquisitive looks from adults and the envy of other children as they wander the streets. At one point the balloon enters Pascal's classroom, causing an uproar from the other pupils. The noise alerts the principal, who becomes angry with Pascal and locks him up in his office until school is over. At another point in the movie, Pascal and his balloon encounter a little girl with a blue balloon that also seems to have a mind of its own.
In their wanderings around the neighborhood, Pascal and the balloon encounter a gang of bullies, who are envious of his balloon, and they soon destroy his new friend.
The film ends as the other balloons in Paris come to Pascal's aid and take him on a cluster balloon ride over the city as the narrator states that other balloons took Pascal up to a magical world where balloons and children can be friends forever.
My mom actually gave me a copy of the book a few years ago for Christmas and I sometimes read it to my students at school when we learn about Europe.

You might be asking yourself, what is the big deal with the red balloon?  Well,  at my birthday party there were several helium filled balloons tied to the mailbox.  After the party was over I took the balloons home with me and one by one they lost their air and slowly fell to the floor.  All, that is, except the red one.  It seemed to have a mind of it's own and last night I noticed it following me around.  It even made it upstairs and was hanging out in my room with me while I got ready for bed.
Every time I turned around the red balloon was there!  Just to prove how this balloon did whatever it wanted, I caught it on video.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Football Season

Football season has begun!!
Go Gamecocks!!!

Friday, September 7, 2012


The parking passing for our SIX spaces of Epic Tailgating

 Bath day
 The Green Hall made sure everyone at school knew how old I was this year
 Beautiful birthday flowers from the hubby
Uh-oh...poor little bird did not have a good day

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Through the years

You only turn 30 once right?  So I might as well celebrate on the blog one more day with a trip down birthday-memory lane.
My mom found all of these old pictures of me on several of my birthdays growing up and I though I would share them with y'all.

1st birthday
 2nd birthday
 3rd birthday
 4th birthday
 5th birthday
(at McDonalds!)
 6th birthday
 7th birthday
 8th birthday
And then we have what my mom calls the "lost years."  She couldn't find any birthday pictures from years 9-16.  Her picture drawer was just too huge, but she knows there in there somewhere.
17th birthday
 19th birthday
 20th birthday

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I now fall into the category of being in my thirties  
When did I get this old?
I did have a super great 30th birthday party though!  I felt so loved by all the friends and family that celebrated with me.
Kari was my twin for the evening
Thanks everyone for such a fun night
Here's to being the BIG 3-0!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

30 things

Thirty has been rough on me.  All kidding aside, I really have struggled with the idea that I am no longer a twenty-something.  Some people have told me that they looked forward to the 30th birthday and others who agreed and said it was difficult at first.  I know my life is extremely blessed beyond measure, so I'm not complaining about my life...I just want to go on claiming twenty-nine for the rest of my life.  At least until I'm forty and then I'll probably want to claim thirty by then.
As a way to celebrate this momentous birthday I decided to do a 30 things about me post.  In no particular order I give you...
30 Random Tidbits About Me
  1. I love Jesus (that one is kind of in order)
  2. I have wild curly hair that I am trying to embrace, although I like it better when I straighten it
  3. Dark chocolate is way better than milk chocolate
  4. I am 100% southern by the fact that I love all things monogrammed
  5. The Eiffel Tower is the most perfect place to get engaged
  6. Being trapped in a elevator is one of my biggest fears
  7. I like to spend my down time surfing Pinterest
  8. My most embarrassing moment involves Gold's Gym, a treadmill, and why you shouldn't wear a thong while working out in public
  9. I've recently discovered how fun it is to paint your fingernails in bright colors
  10. I really wanted my cartilage pierced when I was younger but my mom wouldn't let me
  11. Mellow Mushroom is my favorite place to go for pizza
  12. The only thing I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a teacher
  13. I eat peanut butter with my pancakes
  14. Aimee and I used to make up worlds where our dolls and stuffed animals would live (ex. No Crash Town where you didn't have to wear a seat belt in the car because you would never be in an accident)
  15. I have the best husband in the whole world
  16. I've read the entire Harry Potter series four times
  17. It drives me nuts to go to bed with a dirty kitchen
  18. Cats are not my most favorite animals
  19. My favorite Beatles song is Here Comes the Sun
  20. My friends and family are awesome 
  21. Once I ran in a half marathon
  22. I have really long toes
  23. I believe you can dip just about anything in Ranch dressing to make it taste better
  24. My mom was twelve years old when my aunt was born, that same aunt was twelve years old when I was born, and I was twelve years old when Brittany was born
  25. My favorite musical is Singing in the Rain
  26. Summer is the best season, but usually by September I am very ready for fall
  27. I cry while watching Steel matter how many times I've seen it!
  28. I have been known to rock out to "Call Me Maybe" while driving in the car
  29. I wish I could play the piano
  30. Josh and I want to travel to Europe for our ten year anniversary