Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I finally got around to taking a few shots of our new IKEA shelf for you all to see.  It's pretty big, but perfect for our large wall.  I plan on adding some height with a couple of bright colored vases but just haven't gotten around to shopping yet.
 We also have big plans for the wall to the right of the shelf with a picture frame collage...but like I said, the shopping part hasn't happened yet.  Haha
 There's nothing new about the's just one of my favorites!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I'm dreaming of a white kitchen

I felt so inspired by our recent visit to IKEA in Charlotte.  It made me want to move and start our little house all over again!  Haha....Just kidding that would be WAY too much work and hassle so I'll just be content in what I have now and just dream about my "someday house."

Our current kitchen is very dark.  dark cabinets. dark counters.  dark floors. and not a lot of natural light.  I loved the look of the dark mahogany like cabinets but I'll be ready for a change in our next house.  Here is look I would like to go for
White cabinets with some frosted glass mixed in, butcher block counter tops, an island with a sink and BIG windows with lots of natural light.  Our kitchen is accented with lots of red right now and I thought throwing a little turquoise in the would be pretty!  So thanks a lot IKEA...I'll be dreaming for awhile.

Monday, February 6, 2012


76.  A new coat...that was a steal at Oops in Five Points...too bad its not cold enough to wear it even in February
77.  Lorelai's new sleeping spot
78.  My friend Jessi...she is a blessing that now gets to bless the lives of people in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  We miss you Jessi!!
79.  A sneak peak at our first IKEA purchase
 80.  A fun day in Charlotte with J shopping and spending time together, then a great lunch with Rock Hill friends
81.  New friends and old ones...Riverside is growing and I love Sunday lunches with both kinds of friends!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Night Life

Oh gosh y'all...why didn't someone tell me it was February! 

Currently I am sitting in a Rock Hill...with my laptop, homework, and a pizza.  Yes, I lead an exciting life!  J had a fraternity banquet he wanted to go to tonight and since it would make for a late night driving all the way back to Columbia, we decided to get a hotel and spend Saturday in Charlotte.  IKEA, Trader Joe's, Concord Outlet Mall...can't wait!!

I have big plans of working on homework tonight, but I just needed a break and what better way than to catch up on my forgotten blog.

Back in the month of January we spent the weekend in Gatlinburg with the Street side of the family.  It was such a relaxing weekend with not a whole lot going on.  We went shopping in Pigeon Forge and walked around downtown Gatlinburg.  It brought back so many memories of high school youth retreats at Winterfest and all the fun we had walking around "without adults" with us!  Now I am the adult...ugh!  Haha!
Why do we always dress alike?
The four "Parks kids" gave J's grandparents a pop up shower tent for camping

Alright...time to hit the books again.  Hopefully I won't be MIA for so long next time!