Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'm still here

Man, is it mid January already?? 
I'm still around and busy as seen by my lack of blogging.  Christmas Break is has started back again...and so has my grad school class.  My LAST grad school class I might add!!  So between work, my Afterschool job, and homework, I've gone back to my usual busy self.  Oh, and add the fact that J gave me a Kindle Fire for Christmas so now all my spare moments now are with my nose stuck in a book...err...looking at a tablet screen.
The Kindle has come in handy over the last four weeks.  It was perfect when I needed some car repairs done and I was at the car place for over an hour.  I've already read three books and just started the fourth over the weekend.
Here's what I've been reading...
I know I'm jumping on the band wagon a little late with these books but they are SO good!  A couple years ago a good friend told me to read The Hunger Games.  She was an HP fan as well and I usually like her book suggestions, but after reading the back cover I just wasn't so sure.  It sounded plain weird.  Then my sis-in-law read them and told me how wonderful and awesome they were so I decided to give it another shot.  I'm telling y'all...I read the first one in 4 days!  The second was amazing, and the third had a slow start, but got really really stinking good at the end.  These are complete page turners, folks!! And guess what?  The first movie comes out in March.  Who's coming with me?  :)
OK ok...enough about The Hunger Games.  I'm currently reading Water for Elephants, and its been entertaining as well.  I'm really into circuses right now because of it and tried to win tickets on the radio for the Ringling Bros. show that's in town this weekend.  Didn't happen though, maybe next year.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

She cooks!

So lately I've been cooking a little more.  Maybe it's because I was on Christmas break so I had more time...or maybe it's just because I love Pinterest and all the yummy food ideas on there.
What we've been eating:
This was super tasty and really easy to make on a school morning.
I loved this recipe because you didn't actually need potatos...just a bag of frozen hashbrown!  J especially loved this one as well.  Now, if only it would get colder outside so I could make it again.
You can't really go wrong with Mexican type foods.  We eat A LOT of tacos and taco-y meals.  It was really tasty and lasted us for a couple of nights. 
I made these for our New Year's Eve party.  They were very tasty, but I would put more cheese in them next time.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Start of a new year

I hate telling people my "new year's resolutions."  I feel like each year I claim to make these resolutions, but come January 6th I'm so over it.  I want to make changes in my life, but who doesn't.
The thing to remember is that I alone can not make any changes in my life...without Jesus I can do nothing on my own.  So my first "resolution" if you will, is to spend more time in his Word.  My hope is to start my morning off by reading through the Bible before I leave for school.  It's not going to be easy making myself get up in the morning, but its something I really want to try for.
 Without mentioning that dreaded "d" word, I hope to make healthier eating choices.  Cut back on cokes (bear with me folks 'cause I might be going through some serious withdraws) to one a week.  Also make smarter snack choices.
 Happy 2012 y'all!!!